Welcome to Concrete Art! We are a Romanian construction company, specialised in  the installation of interior and exterior flooring for residential, commercial, sports and industrial use. We have successfully delivered a large number of projects in Romania and also in other countries within the EU.

In the last ten years our construction team has been trained and has been practicing the preparation, repairing and installation on many different types of floors and sub-floors, as each project had its own challenges.

We are experts in different types of floorings, and each flooring we install has its  own personality. From decorative epoxy or polished concrete floorings for urban designs, to the most durable industrial flooring in the world, we install a large range of decorative, sports and industrial flooring, for both indoors and outdoors locations. If you are looking for a dedicated team of flooring experts, you came to the right place!

Types of floorings

  • Microcement flooring: microcement is the perfect choice to enjoy a modern, tactile and continuous flooring system for new surfaces and renovations. With only 3mm of thickness and a beautiful natural look, the Microtopping® material produced by IdealWork Italy and installed by our team can be used for both modern, classical, minimalist and rustic designs. As microcement has excellent thermo-conductive properties, it can be also installed over underfloor heating. Microtopping® allows the construction team to renew existing surfaces on different bases (concrete, self-levelling, ceramic, wood etc.) without having to remove them.
  • Marble pebbles resin floors can be installed outdoors, but is also suitable for indoor spaces. Our team uses only high-quality Italian marble, round pebbles of 1/3 mm, 2/4 mm or 3/6 mm. The surface of this marble flooring has a very pleasant touch.The marble pebbles resins floors are durable, UV stable and easy to maintain. They can be installed quickly on new and old surfaces, with minimal preparations made by the installer’s team, which means reduced construction time, costs and disturbance.
  • Terazzo flooring. An exclusive artisan flooring with origins in Venice, which can resist to high traffic for several decades is really something unique. This is Terazzo! Terazzo flooring suits amazingly indoors, as well as outdoors and it is used in palaces, museums, but also in many metro stations in the whole world. It is a  luxurious flooring solution, while also being one of the most durable floorings ever created by maestros and it is environmentally friendly. For our Terazzo flooring we use only high quality Italian marble remains; this is why our floorings have obtained the LEED certificate.
  • Polished concrete floorings. Sustainable and low maintenance, the concrete flooring can become a statement for special interior or exterior designs. The strong look of concrete has a modern, minimalistic and industrial character, so  much loved nowadays in homes or exhibition spaces, clubs, restaurants, etc. We install concrete floorings with a thickness of only 3-4mm, which have a high mechanical, chemical and damage resistance. The concrete floorings are a great option for public spaces with high foot traffic because of their look and durability.
  • Decorative epoxy floorings. Atemporal, elegant and allowing unique customisations, the decorative epoxy floorings installed by Concrete Art can be used for indoors and outdoors designs. The decorative epoxy floors keep the advantages of traditional epoxy systems, such as durability, easy maintenance and great resistance over time. But all these are completed by the freedom to choose infinite options of colours and textures, for a truly unique finish. We install continuous surfaces, which can be applied over walls and even small decorative objects. The decorative epoxy floorings installed by Concrere Art are also environmental friendly.
  • Exterior decorative floorings. Rasico® is an Italian flooring solution of only 3-4mm thickness, bringing together beauty and robustness. With a cement based formula, Rasico® creates decorative floorings very resistant to abrasion, wear, heavy traffic, oil stains, freezing and is UV stable. Suitable for new and to renew old surfaces, this flooring can be applied over many types of sub-floorings, after an adequate preparation done by our construction team.
  • Exposed aggregate flooring with a wash concrete effect. Discover the beauty and accessibility of our exterior paving systems solutions! Sassoitalia® is a flooring system that uses colourful natural aggregates such as marble, limestone, washed pebbles, and crushed stone to create wonderful hard landscaping in an economical and timely manner. Sassoitalia® is an extremely attractive solution for different outdoor landscapes, due to its natural look, custom finishes, high resistance to intense traffic and low maintenance needs.
  • Polyurethane floorings. Exceptionally robust, flexible and versatile, the polyurethane floorings installed by Concrete Art team can be customised in terms of design and special utility requests (aseptic, soundproofing, fireproof etc). We install polyurethane floors in any colour, with ultra-matte, semi-matte, matte, semi-glossy or glossy finishes, simple or with special decorative elements, for indoors and outdoor spaces. Using only the high quality BASF flooring solutions, we make sure that our urethane floorings are resistant to cracks and scratches and to all sorts of chemical, mechanical and atmospherical factors.
  • Industrial floorings. We install protective floorings for any industry, for exceptionally difficult environments. Taking into account the different requests of various industries, our team can advise you on choosing the right flooring system, which looks good and perfectly serves its purpose. We use the performant BASF epoxy and polyurethane flooring custom solutions for industrial environments with very difficult daily requirements. Our industrial flooring systems assure a safe working process, ideal work conditions and also a pleasant and comfortable environment for your employees.
  • Sports floorings systems. We install many types of sports floorings for indoors and outdoors locations, for amateur  as well as for high performance use. We are specialised in installing surfaces of synthetic and hybrid turf, interior hardwood floorings, polyurethane solutions for sports, PVC and polypropylene tiles and acrylic sports flooring.

Why choose Concrete Art?

  • Over 10 years experience in installing different types of flooring systems and delivering many successful projects. When it comes to meeting high standards, experience is crucial. Our extensive portfolio contains over 100 finalised projects both in Romania and abroad.
  • A pleasant experience for our customers. Not a single construction project is really pleasant until the beneficiary can enjoy the final result. This is why our clients can benefit from our technical expertise in delivering projects with minimal disturbance. We will also offer any advice that can help our clients obtain the desired result and the perfect flooring system!
  • Excellent work experience & collaboration with different teams of architects and designers. We understand and implement the specific design requirement of specialised teams of architects or designers.
  • Your vision is our vision! We can help you with ideas and inspiration for your project. Our team will make sure that anything possible becomes achievable.
  • Unique, unrepeatable works. You have unlimited options as you can choose from different colours, decorative inserts and textures, to obtain a personal, custom finish for your flooring. The biggest advantage of Concrete Art floors is their high resistance to all types of usual and unusual types of damage. Our flooring systems remain intact and beautiful for the long term.
  • Responsibility. We are delivering any given project in due time, respecting the allocated budget.
  • We communicate efficiently. The better and more open the communication, less room will be left for any type of misunderstanding, which is an essential condition for receiving the desired flooring system.

If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them! If you have a project on which you need our help, you can count on us!

Contact us anytime using the contact form on our website or by email at office@concreteart.ro. You can also call or WhatsApp us at :+40722 586 386 or +40723 824 989.